6 Thick Hair Hacks to Save your Sanity

I’ve have thick hair (or should I say ‘dense’ for a more accurate technical term) for my whole life. My hair strands are fair in circumference, but I have a lot of it. A lot of the common problems I run into are:

  1. Hair being too heavy to tie upespecially annoying when that last loop won’t fit my thick ponytail through it
  2. Taking ages to dry when wet
  3. Too much hair everywhere when I sleep- also tends to crease when I need a strong hold
  4. Curls being prone to falling straight quickly
  5. Bobby pins consistently being ruined when stretched out

Remember, hair, just like everything else, also needs some TLC, so make sure to take care of it or expect to need to have it needing to be cut off. Love yourself and your hair!

Have any thick hair hacks or tips and tricks?! Let me know down below!

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