8 Burrito/ Taco Hacks That Make Eating Them Easier

Tacos and burritos can be messy and a headache if you’re hosting a party for people. They fall, they break, they get soggy, they crumble everywhere. Trust me, I know because I love me a good home made taco. So to get over those struggles, here’s some taco hacks I’ve come by: 

1. When in doubt, buy soft tacos

This is one of the taco hacks that will put your mind at ease when it comes to hosting taco dinners or parties. A lot of people have different preferences as to whether they like soft or hard tacos, but if you just get soft tacos, you can use them to make as many hard tacos as you want by hanging them in the oven at 300’F for a few minutes. This way, you can control the portion between the two and you’ll never have too many or too little of each type.

2. Make filling them easier with DIY taco stands

There are quite a few DIY taco stand tutorials that exist. For these taco hacks, I’ll name a few that you can make quickly and last minute. These can be hard to describe in words, so please refer to the video at the end for more visuals and detailed directions. 

Water Bottle – cut a water bottle in half lengthways and width wise and then add a slit for the taco to sit in.

Fork – wedge the middle two fork spikes into the hard taco crease and use the weight of the fork to balance the taco upwards. 

Muffin/ Cupcake Pan – flip the pan upside down and wedge the taco shells between the cups. This is great for if you’re filling multiple tacos at once. 

Get Stand Up Taco Shells – yup, these things exist. They’re made to stand up on their own. Old El Paso makes them.

3. Avoid messes by making “Crunch Wraps”

Out of all the taco hacks, this one is most influenced by Taco Bell. We’ve all had a Crunch Wrap Supreme before. Basically, to avoid the mess, crumble a hard taco shell inside of a soft taco and wrap the tortilla up into a burrito. This way, the mess is contained and you’re still getting the crunch.

4. Get crunch without a panini press

Not everyone has a panini press and they sure can be expensive. So to get the crunchy outside that burritos have when you buy them from fast food places, you can actually fry it in a hot pan for a minute or two on all sides. 

5. Nacho chips on demand

As long as you have soft tortillas, you can always make nacho chips. Soft tortillas are the main star of majority of these taco hacks because they’re so versatile. Just cut them up into whatever shapes you want, put them into muffin pans, bake for a few minutes, and they’re nice and crunchy. You can also choose to put a little olive oil and salt on them to season.

6.  Don’t skip the dessert!

And finally, one of the taco hacks I cannot leave out is making dessert. I love dessert, so you had to have expected this. You can make them into sweet chips by cutting soft tortillas up, oiling them with a little butter, coconut oil, or even water and then sprinkling on some sugar and cinnamon. Then just bake it in the oven for a few minutes to crisp up and you’re done! 

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