Cuddle Up With Me | Turtleneck Sweater Fashion

Cuddle Up With Me | Turtleneck Sweater Fashion

I just have to say, that the lengths that we Canadian Youtubers go through to take nice videos or pictures, is quite extensive. In this season, the main problem is trying not to freeze our limbs outside in the cold. The weather was probably -22’C this day, and I don’t even want to think about it. But for nice lighting and dynamic backgrounds, I guess I can suck it up. I do love how frosty these photos look though. Did I pretend that I wasn’t freezing well?

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When I think of cold, winter days, all I ever picture is turtleneck sweaters. Turtlenecks are so cozy. Not only do they come in a loose form, meaning you can hide all that hibernation fat, but it also acts as a scarf. I never have to wear scarves with my turtlenecks because it literally acts like a fluffy circle scarf. I can even hide my face in it if I wanted to! I never used to like them as a child, but it’s funny how things change, haha!

Styling the Turtleneck

Cuddle Up With Me | Turtleneck Sweater Fashion

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When it comes to winter, I never wear pants. or at least I try to avoid wearing pants. the comfiest things are leggings, so obviously, this outfit will have them. Now, I don’t own any nice pairs of leggings that aren’t see through, so I always have to wear something to cover my private regions. I went with a pleather skirt because I wanted to play with textures. because the tights are so soft, I wanted to give the outfit a hard edge. The a- symmetrical feel also offsets the symmetrical turtleneck, making it interesting and pleasing. 

How many turtlenecks do you own?

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