Different Types of Stick On Backless Bras

I’ve been using stick on bras for about 8 years so far. I’ve worn them with dresses and shirts of all sorts. When I started, the main purpose for them was because I could not wear strapless bras. My bust measurement was too small, and all bras would fall off. So, in place os strapless bras, I was introduced to adhesive ones. I’ve been introduced to many different styles and tops throughout the years, so I have quite the experience with these.

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  • You can manipulate your cleavage based on where you place the cups
    This only applies to bras with a clasp. The placements helps to bring your breasts together. If you want more cleavage, place the cups farther apart. Less cleavage, place them closer to each other.  
  • Great for those who don’t fit strapless bras
    If you’re like I was and strapless bras would slip off, try stick ons. A lot of people also find strapless bras uncomfortable. For me, any bra is uncomfortable except for sports bras. With stick ons, it feels like you’re wearing nothing and you’re at home. It’s amazing. 
  • Easy to maintain
    With regular bras, you have to hand wash them or buy the special bag so they don’t get warped or stretched out. With adhesive bras, all you have to do is apply some water and gently massage the residue out, and lay flat to dry.

Different Types of Stick On Bras

1. The Silicone Classic Bra

Different Types of Stick On Bras silicone bra

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Recommended for: Those with smaller breasts that aren’t too concerned with lift

BONUS: Most durable and long lasting bra of the bunch because it isn’t fabric and has a different adhesive

2. Wired Cups

Different Types of Stick On Bras wired wing bra

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Recommended for: Those looking for a lot of support (with wire)

CON: Not recommended for everyone because due to different breast shapes, gapping may occur. Check with a strapless bra to see if this bra is suitable for you.

3. Lifting Bra

Different Types of Stick On Bras perky wing bra

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Recommended for: Those looking for perkiness and lift by adjusting the wings. For people who want minimal coverage.

4. Push Up Lift

Different Types of Stick On Bras push up padded wing bra

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Recommended for: Those looking for more padding, coverage, and lift.

BONUS: Thicker padding on lower area of cup for extra ‘boost’

5. Plunge Bra

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Recommended for: Anyone looking for the most support possible, similar to traditional bras, but still able to hide it from pesky deep-V clothing.

6. Pasties

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Recommended for: Just having your nipples covered. I prefer the flowery-shaped, one-use pasties because I find they stick a lot better (and hurt a lot to take off) than the silicone ones.

Which stick on bra is your favourite?

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