DIY Mermaid Toast Tutorial

The mermaid and unicorn trend have been taking the internet by storm. People have begun making mermaid themed things ranging from food to clothing. Something about the beautiful mix of colours and iridescent details brings these mermaid things to life. One of the more popular and new items that have been introduced is mermaid toast. There’s no surprise to why this one creation has caught so much attention, it’s so elegant and beautiful! So I decided I’m going to take the challenge and create mermaid toast!

It was originally created by Adeline Waugh, a food artist who used many natural ingredients to give healthy food a better look. As for me, I didn’t exactly have the budget to be buying a lot of different ingredients I probably won’t ever use again for my mermaid toast attempt. So for my mermaid toast, I used regular things normal people have at home. You can see my process here:

I also didn’t have any gold flakes, so I shoddily photoshopped some flakes here and there to give it more of a magical feel. I have to say, I’m very impressed with how my mermaid toast turned out. It’s also so simple to make and would be great for parties. I’m even contemplating on making little toasts for my birthday picnic! I might even add more colours next time to make it more “unicorn” like and stick a Bugle at the top for the unicorn horn, haha! Maybe even pipe the outline of wings? Sounds like fun to me! 

So heres what I learned and my tips and tricks if you’re looking to make the same toast as me, with cream cheese.

  • Don’t mix a lot of coloured cream cheese into the white
  • Don’t over mix or overspread or the colours will just become one
  • Soften the cream cheese before working on your mermaid toast
  • Dry and crisp up your toast before working on it

And of course, have fun!

How do you feel about this new mermaid and unicorn trend?

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DIY Mermaid Toast Tutorial