Don’t Sweat The Business | Sweatpants in the Office

Business, blazer, dress pants, stiffness, no. When it comes to business attire, I stray away from all those uncomfortable, generic, and plain outfits. I believe that office outfits shouldn’t be restricted to it. Of course for certain fields it’s necessary, but I stay away. So how do you achieve the ultimate comfort? Well- with sweatpants of course!

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Sweatpants have been trending a lot this season, especially now that it’s winter. There are now ‘fashionable’ sweatpants, and regular gym pants. All, have a fairly slim fit to look polished (with the exception of parachute or harem pants). In my case, I have a pair of all three and I definitely plan to buy more. I’m thinking in maroon, dark green, or khaki since all of mine are black. So while sweats are in style, take advantage of it!

Styling the Sweatpants

Now, a lot of you are probably wondering: “how the hell are you supposed to style sweatpants for the office?!”. Well, it really depends on the top and shoes. I feel like the shoes are more important than the top which may be strange, and it’s usually the other way around. Don’t underestimate shoes. They make a huge difference. Uggs and leather boots give off two completely different vibes. For shoes, I recommend clean, chic heels that show you’re ready to take on anything. I chose to go with my black ankle strap heels because they add sophistication and are simple, so they won’t grab too much attention. Stray away from overly strappy heels and you’ll be good to go.

Don't Sweat The Business | Sweatpants in the Office

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As for the top, you have so much to choose from. If you really want to be fancy, you can throw on a blazer, but who really wants to wear those around? I find them so restricting. I chose to be business casual with a clean, white blouse. When it comes to business, white blouses never fail, even with sweatpants. Alternatives could be a fitted, turtleneck sweater or peplum top. This is a great ensemble for Monday mornings in the office when you don’t feel like going. 

How many pairs of sweatpants do you own?

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