Easy and Healthy Halloween Snacks – Great for Kids

Halloween is all about sweets, candy, chips, and everything that would upset our bodies and rot our teeth. For the children, and for us, it can’t be good at all. I’m trying to eat healthier, so all that it a no-no. Instead, I decided to play in the kitchen to find out what I can make that’s sweet, healthy, and still taste pretty damn amazing. Each of these recipes are slightly similar to one another, making it easy to make all of them. I hope you enjoy them!

Let’s get healthy!


Easy and Healthy Halloween Snacks - Great for KidsThese mousse cups are my favorite looking snacks out of all three. I love the cute faces, and the simplicity of it. it’s very light because it’s mousse and doesn’t involve many ingredients at all. If you get creative, you can make different characters using the same techniques. I also have two alternate recipes if you click the link to the page. 


Healthy Halloween Snacks | Chocolate Coconut Mousse CupsThese chocolate cups are the tastiest of the three in my opinion. However, I may be biased and saying that because there’s actual dark chocolate cups. Dark chocolate is my guilty pleasure. I can eat mountains of it and not get sick. These must be served right away, but they’re well worth it!


Easy and Healthy Halloween Snacks - Great for Kids devilled eggsI tried devilled eggs for the first time in grade 10 in family studies. Ever since then, I’ve loved them. However, when I finally decided to look up the recipes, I found a lot of mayo in them. Honestly, it’s not that I hate mayo, it just kind of grosses me out, the idea of raw, super preserved eggs and all. So, I did my research into finding a healthy recipe, and winged it. Luckily, it tasted phenomenal. All hail devilled eggs!

What’s your favourite Halloween candy?

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