Fall Fashion Trends and Shopping List 2018

Fall is right around the corner, so that means time for sweater weather and pumpkin spice lattes! Or in my case, since I’m not a huge fan of pumpkin spice lattes, lots of homemade apple and pumpkin pies. But food aside, let’s talk fall fashion trends of 2018 and what to look for.

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According to Bazaar,

Fall fashion trends for 2018 to look out for:

  • Animal print– this trend seems to have been repeatedly popping up every fall season and is here again!
  • Modesty Dressing– extreme layers and longer hemlines which is easy to incorporate into your usual fashion since it is getting colder anyways. Look into more tailored or slimming pieces if you’re short and trying not to look too frumpy with longer hemlines.
  • Gloss– vinyl, latex, plastic, or leather materials. I’m excited for this because I love the look of those trending fall fashion ‘fabrics’. They’re edgy and can offer a very bold look that still looks very modest if paired with the right items.
  • Statement headwear– hats and cloaked hoods that can easily keep you warm for this season
  • Tweed– a fabric that’s great for keeping you warm, looking chic, and adding texture to an outfit
  • Plaid or Tartan– these patterns have been common amongst the fall fashion trends the previous years and this year.
  • Luxury Fringing– a more modernized fringe that’s much different from the classic flapper fringe
  • Cowboy– a western take on many outfits that can be achieved by as small as leather booties, a bandana, hat, or full on cowgirl/boy attire

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This season, I’m definitely going to pick up some new pieces inspired by fall fashion trends more bold gloss pieces, most likely in red with some hats to play around with. I might even pull some of my hats out of storage and DIY them to save money. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to follow trends if you get crafty! ;)

What Fall Fashion Trend of 2018 are you most excited for?

Photo credits: Bazaar & Gettyimages

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