Getting My Ombre Hair done at Koi Hair Studio

I have never been to a salon to get my hair coloured before because I thought the prices were ridiculous for long and thick hair like mine. Also, I’ve heard of so many horror stories that I’m just too scared to do it. Finally, on Wednesday August 6th, I did it. I got my hair ombre’d. I originally wanted balayage, but I feel like my ombre had hints of a balayage look in it.

After getting my hair done, I finally understand why people pay the price to get it professionally done. I was absolutely in love with it! I can guarantee you I spent the day taking pictures of my hair and looking in all mirrors and reflections I walked by. The ombre is absolutely beautiful!


I left how high I wanted the ombre to go and the colour up to my stylist. I was open to anything in the neutrals. I love the stylist, her name is Alexandra, or Alex for short. We had met previously in the year because I am doing an internship at the salon.  She’s super friendly and had great taste in hair, especially since she chose a colour I absolutely fell in love with!

The service was very professional. She asked me for my hair history and has a good look at my hair before beginning to mix the products.

My hair processed for about 50 minutes, which is decent considering how dark my hair naturally is.

The washing out and toning of my hair was quite relaxing. She made sure I was comfortable in the sink and added towels to pad my neck. I like that she toned the hair while I was resting my head against the sink. I feel like it’s much smarter because I’m sure it would freak anyone out to see that their hair was orange and un toned. Being in the sink, I couldn’t see my hair at all.


Stylist: Alexandra

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Getting My Ombre Hair done at Koi Hair Studio

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  1. Your hair looks amazing! Thank you for posting this as I was having trouble finding a good salon in Toronto to dye and ombre my hair. How much did you pay to get your hair dyed?

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