Healthy Halloween Snacks | Ghostly Devilled Eggs

One of my favourite healthy halloween treats is devilled eggs. They are a great source of protein, and you can adjust the taste to whatever you want it to be. If you feel a little spicy, add some hot sauce. If you feel more savoury, mix in some chives or coriander. The possibilities are endless! Adjust the recipe to your liking since we all like something different!

It’s funny because I was making these treats with two friends and all three of us liked different things. One friend made her extremely salt, another liked hers really sweet. Meanwhile I like my spicy. I put a lot of Siracha into my devilled eggs, haha. 

What you need:

  • hard boiled eggs
  • salt
  • pepper
  • Siracha
  • greek yogurt
  • seaweed

Making Ghostly Devilled Eggs

  1. Hard boil eggs in hot water
  2. Chill eggs until completely cold in ice
  3. Carefully peel eggs, making sure not to ruin the surface
  4.  Slice eggs in half lengthwise
  5. Scoop out yolks and mash in a bowl
  6. Mix in salt, pepper, Siracha, greek yogurt
  7. Pipe mixture back into egg halves
  8. Flip upside down on cupcake liners for easy and neater serving
  9. Cut faces out of seaweed and just place them onto the eggs
  10. Enjoy!

I really love how creative you can get with this project. It doesn’t require too many sharp materials either. You can definitely get your kids involved by letting them pick what to mix into the recipe or cutting/ placing the seaweed on the eggs. Great for those who love savoury food!

Let me know if you tried this out! I want to see! Tag your posts with #HalloweenwithEva and tag me!

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Have and safe and happy Halloween everyone!

How do you like your eggs done?

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