How I Got Teal Balayage Hair | Halo Hair Studio Review

I already had balayage and ombre in my hair from last year. The first picture depicts the dark and soft ombre. That I had. My hair also grew out quite a few inches since then. Because I already had balayage and ombre in my hair, my stylist Amanda simply touched up the top layer of my hair with a lighter balayage and gave me a 2 inch trim. You can see the results in the middle photo. Excuse the way my ends look, they’re always frizzy when freshly blow dried/ air drying. It was fairly brassy toned because she needed it that shade to react well with the blue pigments later. I found that there weren’t enough highlights. I just looked like an ombre to me. I didn’t want an ombre at all because I was totally over it and I really liked the natural highlights look of balayage. I asked Amanda to put some more in that were a little higher and she was happy to do so. I never got to see how it looked with the highlights added in. Amanda just put in the blue and green dye on my balayage right after.

What I Asked For
How I Got Teal Balayage Hair | Halo Hair Studio Review

The technique she used was teasing and dying. She sectioned my hair into four sections and teased each thin section twice to thin out the hair that was to be bleached. When she got to the top two layers, she followed the same technique, but instead of applying bleach right away, she used the rat tail comb to weave some highlights and bleached that. 

About the Salon

The salon I went to is Halo Hair Studio & Spa. It was in a small plaza that I often bussed by and never noticed. It doesn’t look like a very flashy place on the outside. You wouldn’t pay much attention to it on a daily basis. However, this place is a hidden beauty. Once you walk in, it’s clean, bright, and you’re given a warm greeting from the staff. They offer refreshments for those waiting. The prices are also quite low. I’m surprised I got my balayage done for such a low price!

Where: Halo Hair Studio & Spa

Address: 2316 Major MacKenzie Dr W, Maple, ON L6A 1W6

Hairdresser: Amanda R.

Cost: Approx. $230 after tax

Balayage Results

At first, I was a little put off because it was so dark in an indoor environment, but in the sun, it’s a very vibrant colour. It’s like when someone with dark hair dyes it red. It basically looks like the top half is on fire in the sun. However, after about a day, I came to love my teal balayage. I love the colour, I love that it can be both bright and dark, and I just love the different tones. Overall, I just love it.

What’s the craziest colour you’ve ever dyed your hair?

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How I Got Teal Balayage Hair | Halo Hair Studio Review