Just Mesh It Out | All Black Fashion Ensemble

My closet has been taken over completely by black and white attire. It’s like I have no colour in my closet at all. I actually try to order things with color, even if it’s a soft pastel that isn’t too bold, but my finger just don’t click “add to shopping cart”. In fact, I find my mouse hovering over the thumbnail for a few seconds before I click away. Something about colours in fall & winter just doesn’t strike with me. I think I’ll have to wait until spring and summer to begin collecting colored items.

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Although black and white items are very plain and classic, I do love how designers mesh together different materials to create trendy pieces. In this case, I have the mesh crop top and black sweatpants. Both, have an edgy feel to it, which is perfect for me. I love hardware (zippers) and bold patterns (criss cross mesh). 

Just Mesh It Out | All Black Fashion Ensemble

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Styling the Mesh Crop Top

The fact that both these black pieces are have detailed elements, it makes it easy to put together. No time or thought has to be put into accessorizing the outfit. I added a dainty necklace to add a little dimension to my collar- bone area, but the outfit would be perfectly fine without it.

Just Mesh It Out | All Black Fashion Ensemble
Just Mesh It Out | All Black Fashion Ensemble

Of course, to pull the entire all black outfit together, I felt it was necessary to show some skin, hence the choice for a crop top over a regular top to go with the pants. The skin breaks up the dark silhouette, creating a mirage that you’re wearing “color” when really, it’s your  own skin that you’re using to your advantage. Showing skin also gives it shape, rather than having the entire outfit drape over your body, covering everything.

Just Mesh It Out | All Black Fashion Ensemble

I also adore the back because it’s different. I like how the back is also meshed and you can clamp the back strap together. The strap helps accentuate your waistline, making it look as if you have a defined hourglass figure from the back. This mesh crop top isn’t like any other crop top where it only looks nice from the front.

Just Mesh It Out | All Black Fashion Ensemble

Finally, I paired everything with the classic ankle strap heels. Ankle strap heels make any look classy and elegant Yet, mesh can be seen as daring, but with the right shoes, it isn’t a problem. 

What colour is your closet most filled with?

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  1. Eva:

    My wardrobe gets evermore black and white as well. I have been on the lookout for some green clothing in the last week just to compensate for the lack of color. That said, black and white is always really nice and matches perfectly. Great topic.


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