My Top 3 Current Favourite Healthy Meals

Now, I go through a lot of phases when it comes to healthy eating. And when I say that, I mean I have a very select few dishes I always make when I want something to eat that’s full of flavour and “special” because it’s not just quinoa and whatever dish is on the dinner table.

Making healthy meals and trying new recipes is so recreational and therapeutic to me. it’s also very adventurous because you don’t know how it’s going to taste or turn out. 

Favorite Healthy Meals

My Top 3 Current Favourite Healthy Meals

1. Spicy Cucumber Pasta Salad

This is my favourite to make. It satisfies my asian and spice taste buds that my taste buds have been trained with since I was a child. The taste from the sesame oil is just so nostalgic and home-like feeling. It’s also so easy to make and pack for lunch. It’s been my favourite for a few months now. I even made it for all my friends on Thanksgiving and it was a hit! Find the recipe here from Cooking Light.

My Top 3 Current Favourite Healthy Meals pizza

2. Five Ingredient Quinoa Pizza Base

This is especially my favourite when it’s shark week. For some reason, I just crave endless amount of carbs and Italian food during then. Although this may not be up to Italian standards, it’s good enough for me to eat without feeling guilty.

I’ve tried so many different pizza base recipes from cauliflower, egg, cheese, broccoli, etc. This is the closest crust I’ve ever made to the real deal. However, they may been some extra additional spices to give this base a kick. You can find the recipe here at Oatmeal with a Fork.

My Top 3 Current Favourite Healthy Meals

3. Omelet and Salad

Worst comes to worse when you’re lazy, is an omelet. I will eat this for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Something about the feeling of rolling up an egg perfectly (or to my standards it’s perfect, anyways) is just so exciting. I usually eat this with Siracha and ketchup. Whatever I have in my fridge, I throw it in. So quick, so easy. Love it! No recipe here, sorry! Haha.

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