Re-Wearing Old Clothing Regardless of Age

Don’t put away your old clothes just yet. As many of you already know, fashion styles and trends cycle throughout the years. Some pieces are directly cycled, some are modified. That’s the beauty of the fashion evolution, old clothes can always be re-used or treasured as vintage pieces. In fact, with some trend re-appearing, it makes me regret donating some old pieces that I definitely would be re-wearing now in 2017. However, the only thing that makes me not feel so bad about my ill decisions is that I probably wouldn’t have still fit in them anyways. None the less, I have learned to try re-using and re-wearing old clothes to get the most wear out of them. 

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Re-Wearing Old Clothes No Matter The Age

A goal that I’ve always had is to re-wear the clothes I own to get the most use out of them. I believe that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars buying new clothes for every outfit or that once you find a better piece, you can’t wear the old clothes. There is always life and sentimental value in most articles of clothing. I believe that’s why some people collect old clothes or look for vintage pieces. They are a piece of history and are forever loved. Yes, some of the clothes in the back of your closet may not be as old, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve love! After all, you did spend money on it, so you might as well wear it. 

Re-Wearing Old Clothes No Matter The Age

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Something that I’ve been experimenting with recently is pulling the old clothes I haven’t worn in a very long time out of the deepest depths of my messy closet and attempting to style it in a way that is trendy or similar to my personal style. Yes, it is challenging and yes, it can seem impossible, but once you figure out an outfit to rock the piece, you’ll feel so proud of yourself. 

For this outfit, the old article of clothing is the Boston graphic t-shirt. This shirt is probably 2-3 years old. My sister bought it for me as a souvenir when I collected shirts from different places. I do have regrets about cutting it because I’m not very experienced with scissors and the way it laid on my body after being cut wasn’t so appealing. However, after much cutting, re-sewing, cinching, etc, it did become somewhat workable. Because this shirt took so much effort to make flattering and was a gift from my sister, I wanted to give it life once more.

I do have to say, I definitely feel like I made it very much my style. I cut this up back when everyone wore neon t-shirts with neon bralettes or intimates and low cut denim short shorts. Fashion has definitely evolved since then. I don’t have high waisted shorts that would match and don’t make my derriere hang out, so I went with a classic pair of denim shorts and thigh high socks with my trusty boots. Yes, it is a simple outfit, but I’m glad I made it work.

What’s your favourite old piece of clothing?

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