Summer Fashion Essentials That Will Never Die Out

Fashion is complicated sometimes. It’s nice to dress up and buy clothes, but what it does to your bank, is not fun. So I decided to make a short list of summer fashion essentials that you need that will not go out of style. That means if you buy one of these essentials, you most likely will not need to replace it for a long time. These fashion essentials are worth the investment to buy high quality versions.

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1. Bralette

White or Black, whatever you feel like you wear more. These are great for layering and covering up. Tank tops can get bulky sometimes. So if something is too low cut, slap a bralette on. It has less coverage than a tank top, but more than a bra.I tend to go with black because it’s nice to layer under light-material clothing sometimes.

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2. Stick On Bra

Out of all fashion essentials, this is literally, what will get you through the summer. No more scandalous parts of your bra showing under your clothes that don’t match the outfit and no more nipples sticking out when you hit a breeze and are bra-less. These are the best things that I have ever added to my closet. They’re re-useable and super cheap on eBay. I have a video on all the different types of stick on bras if you need more information.

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3. Comfortable Flats

Having a trusty pair of flats is important for every season of the year. I recommend a neutral colour like black, beige, or white. As my choice, I choose beige because it’s nude for me and matches with everything. I say a pair of flats and not heels or booties because you want something comfortable and useable in any situation. For me, these are perfect height for driving in and are comfy enough for me to wear. The pair of shoes I use as one of my fashion essentials is the Dr. Martin Gizelle in Sand from Union Jack Boots.

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4. Nude Panties

We’re all girls here, no need to be shy. We all need to learn about what panties to wear with what. If you’re planning on wearing white bottoms, which I am sure many of you will be wearing this summer, get nude panties. That means getting panties the colour closest to your skin tone. Getting close to perfect matches will be hard, but it will be well worth it. This means you won’t fall victim of being that person walking around the mall flashing their panties through their clothes without knowing. This is one of the most important fashion essentials. Every girl needs this.

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5. Trusty Black Shorts

You know what they say and it’s true- black matches with everything. That’s why we all need a pair of black flattering shorts in our closets. These are necessary to just slap on with any top and go out. I mean you can do this with dresses too, and it is also thoughtless, but some dress style do go out of style. Unless it’s a trust LBD, that dress can not be worn to anything and everything. But a pair of shorts will go with everything and can be dressed up or down for anything.

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What are your fashion essentials? Let me know down below.

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