Peach & Lily Korean and Japanese Skincare Review

Trying asian products can be intimidating because there’s such a large selection. I find myself buying more American products because I’m used to shopping for them and comparing is easy. However, when it comes to Korean and Japanese products, it’s a whole other world I don’t understand. Luckily for me, Peach & Lily were kind enough to curate me a few products that would suit my skin and its concerns. So here’s my break down of how I felt about everything.

These products were gifted to me by Peach & Lily at no cost, but my opinions still stay 100% true.

Testing Out Peach & Lily Korean and Japanese Skincare Products

To start, the team that gave me a free consultation and skin advice are from the Peach & Lily: Ask Lily program. I informed them about my acne background, my current skin state, and what problems I currently have. You all know my skin background. After all the downs from acne, I am now close to acne free. So my current concerns are the scarring and little holes it left me and being proactive about aging. I sent out the information and quickly got a reply and package shipped within 2 days. Talk about quick!
The packaging was adorable and came with a personalized card explaining all the products and what they’re for. I always appreciate hand written notes. It feel more personal and human. But enough of that, let’s get into the products. 

May Coop Activator

Testing Out Peach & Lily Korean and Japanese Skincare Products

I actually really like the May Coop Activator. This, and the toner are my favourite of the group from Peach & Lily. I like my moisturizers to be moisturizing, light, and easy to blend out. It also comes in a pump bottle which I appreciate. I feel like it’s much more sanitary and I don’t have to dig my finger into a pot. I find product tends to get into my nails when I do that and it’s not a good feeling. When I apply the lotion on, I feel like because the product is so light and spreadable, it makes it easier for my skin to instantly suck it in. I definitely would replace this when I run out.

Aromatica Sea Daffodil Toner

Testing Out Peach & Lily Korean and Japanese Skincare Products

As I said before, this toner is one of my top two that Peach & Lily chose for me. One of the most important and notable points that I found about this is the scent. It’s very refreshing, citrusy, and reminds me of lemons, limes, and maybe a light hint of mint. Because of how pleasant it smells, it makes me wake up in the morning when I use it after washing my face. If you’re not a morning person, I would recommend this toner to you. As for the effects on my skin, I definitely do feel like it hydrates my skin more than other toners I’ve used. It almost feels like I have a very light coat of moisturizer after using it. 

Mizon Black Snail All-In-One Cream

Testing Out Peach & Lily Korean and Japanese Skincare Products

This is a product I was very excited to try. I’ve heard about snail treatments, benefits, and products before. They have all had very positive reviews. In fact, many people rave about it. I’m happy that Peach & Lily was able to send me this so I could give it a try. I’ve never tried snail products before. I definitely enjoy the packaging because it is very aesthetic and somehow makes snails look dainty and elegant. Whoever designed the package is a genius! As for the product, I do find it moisturizing, but I prefer the May Coop Activator more because the snail cream is quite thick. As I said before, I prefer a more liquid product. I also found it to be a little sticky after applying, but it must be my skin taking a little longer to soak it all in. I’ll definitely keep testing this product out. 

Face Masks

Testing Out Peach & Lily Korean and Japanese Skincare Products

I got sent two face masks to try out. The Mizon Enjoy Vital-Up Time Whitening Mask and the Dr. Dream Age Radiance Facial Mask. I’m used to using cream masks, so having sheet masks is a different experience. I was expecting the masks to have about enough moisture as a regular wet wipe. However, these were very soaked in product. I found that to be a very pleasant thing because you know the manufacturers weren’t stingy and wanted the masks to be top quality. They were easy to apply and had plenty of product left over to pat into my skin. There was actually so much product left on my skin, it took me quite some time to pat it in. Eventually I gave up and let it soak into my skin and dry. It did take a while, but then again, they weren’t stingy about the product! I’d say if you’re looking for quality masks, these would be the ones to choose.

What Korean and Japanese Skincare products have you tried?

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Testing Out Peach & Lily Korean and Japanese Skincare Products