The Last Freeze | Chunky Knit Sweater Fashion

The Last Freeze | Chunky Knit Sweater Fashion

As of today, the weather is starting to warm up. Finally, it’s going to stop being -30’C… I hope. So before I can start accumulating more pastel colours and light pieces, I’m sharing my last few winter outfits that I have saved up.

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Styling a Chunky Knit Sweater

What I like about this knit sweater is the wide neckline. It’s wide enough to fall off one shoulder or slightly drape down both shoulders. For winter, I feel like it shows modest sex appeal. Shoulders can be sexy too! There’s also pockets that I often forget this sweater has. Honestly, anything with pockets is a plus, period.

I’m quite a petite girl (5’0, so sad). That means playing with large pieces can basically drown me out if I don’t style it properly. With knit sweaters, I like to try and balance the oversized top silhouette with a tighter or more form fitting piece for the bottom. That way it won’t look like I’m just wearing a sack. Although I do have to admit, I would shamelessly dress like a sack sometimes to school if it wasn’t for my blog or Youtube

I dressed this sweater with leggings because it was far too cold to wear opaque stockings. However, I don’t like to bare my derrière in leggings. Also, this knit sweater just isn’t long enough in the back to cover me up. So to top off the leggings, I have a faux leather skirt that helps keep my lower silhouette slim. 

The Last Freeze | Chunky Knit Sweater FashionThe Last Freeze | Chunky Knit Sweater FashionThe Last Freeze | Chunky Knit Sweater Fashion

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