Why Women Should Switch to a Safety Razor

A safety razor, most known to be used by men, can actually be used by all sexes. In fact, there are many benefits to using the tools instead of disposable multi-blade razors. Making the switch is a worthy investment for your personal grooming routine.

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A safety razor is a shaving tool with a protective device to help position the blade against the skin at a safer angle. It is designed to make shaving with a straight blade easier. Although disposable razors are also considered to be a safety razor, this post is focused on reusable double-sided, single-blade butterfly razors. However, similar razors will also apply.

For someone new to the safety razor idea, that used disposable razors primarily, it can look like a dangerous tool. But do not fret! it’s not just for beards and mustaches. You can even use it on sensitive and intimate areas as well.

Please note: because safety razors do use a sharp blade, so take your time, look up videos and tutorials prior to using one the first time, and be cautious. Shave at your own risk. Shaving with a single blade razor is not the same as shaving with multi-blade disposable razors.

Weishi Safety Razor
Weishi Safety Razor

Reasons Why You Should Use A Safety Razor

1. Hair Won’t Get Stuck Between Blades

Unlike disposable multi razors with little space between the blades, you won’t have the problem of hair getting stuck between the blades. This tends to happen if you put off shaving for too long and choose to get a clean shave.

Because there is only one blade, the hair can easily be rinsed off with water. Since the razor always stays hair free, there is never a need to dispose of the razor after every shave for hygienic reasons.

2. Sustainable

As Going Zero Waste states, if your razor ever breaks, it is made out of stainless steel, so it is completely recyclable. Unlike disposables, because these are typically made to last for years, the chances of it breaking down are very minimal unless it was made faulty to begin with. Once you invest in a quality razor, you don’t have to keep repurchasing multi-packs like disposable razors.

3. Easy To Clean

Most single blade safety razors open up like a butterfly. As you turn the dial at the bottom of the razor, the top will open up revealing the razor. From there, you can easily rinse out any residue or swap out the blade. No more soap suds or dead skin being left over after your shave!

4. Closer Shaves

This depends on the razor blade itself, so feel free to experiment with different brand blades. However, contrary to the belief that multi-blades get close shaves, single-blades actually do the job better.

5. Cheap And Easy To Swap Blades

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Since the razor device itself won’t be to be replaced for years due to regular wear and tear, only the blades have to be replaced. Blades are extremely cheap. They’re typically a few cents a blade. Compared to disposable razors, those can cost an entire dollar or more per replacement! Since the replacements are so cheap, you can swap them out frequently to always have the sharpest blade when shaving.

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Why Women Should Switch to a Safety Razor