Vindictus – Junior White Gnoll Chieftain Pet Keycap

Style: Vindictus – White Junior Gnoll Chieftain Pet Keycap

Keycap Base: White PBT DSA profile with Cherry MX style stem

Compatibility: Mechanical keyboards with MX switch stem styles (Gateron, Halo, Razer, Outemu, Kailh, Kaihua, Cherry MX, etc)

Material: Polymer clay keycap with UV resin coating for durability, shine, and easy cleaning. Clay is mixed and colored with chalk pastels for an added Terrazzo effect.

Design: This artisan keycap is handmade and modeled after a Junior White Gnoll Chieftain pet in the Korean MMO game, Vindictus, also known as Mabinogi Heroes (마비노기 영웅전). The snout has a slightly raised and rounded height to the keycap to give it a more innocent and plush look. The ears have small slits to replicate the furry ears, usually hidden under the metal helmet. The helmet spike is placed horizontally instead of standing up for durability and comfort when pressing the keycap (AKA so you don’t impale your finger). The eyes have a mix of red and white polymer clay to give it more dimension.

See the Vindictus Keycap on a Mechanical Keyboard

This keycap was crafted with appropriate spacing and fitting in mind. It can be placed on any 1u key on standard keyboards. It can also be pressed without touching keys above, under, and beside the artisan keycap for most keyboards and keycap sets.

More videos and photos can be found on the @stayhappykeycaps Instagram.

Vindictus Keycap Videos & Fit Test

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