DIY Halloween Costume | Mike Wazowski (Monsters University)

Mike Wazowski from Monster’s University is one of my favourite Pixar characters. Something about quirky and dorky characters just makes them so irresistible. Without a doubt, I decided to DIY a costume. Surprisingly, it’s easier than I thought it’d be to make. If you want to make it more Mike Wazowski like, you can stuff your belly with a pillow so you’re big and round like him! Make sure you watch the video for visual instructions!

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DIY Halloween Costume | Mike Wazowski (Monsters University)
DIY Halloween Costume | Mike Wazowski (Monsters University)
DIY Halloween Costume | Mike Wazowski (Monsters University)
DIY Halloween Costume | Mike Wazowski (Monsters University)

What you need:

  • Baseball hat
  • White felt
  • Black felt
  • Plain varsity jacket
  • Green tank top
  • Blue fabric paint
  • Hot glue gun

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How to make your Mike Wazowski costume:

  1. Fabric paint anything that needs to be blue that isn’t
    Hat, felt, varsity jacket. Tape off any parts of the varsity jacket that you want to stay white (i.e the sleeves). Use plastic bags to cover more space.
  2. Cut out Monster’s University’s logo out of felt
    Print out a template if necessary. Cut out a small “MU” and a large “M” for the jacket. Cut it out of the fabric painted blue felt, and white felt. Cut letters smaller as you layer the felt. Also cut out an eye shape for the “MU” and glue everything together into 1 piece
  3. Attach logos onto clothing
    Ensure that everything is dry and to use strong glue (i.e. glue gun, super glue)
  4. Cut out Mike Wazowski’s face out of felt
    Cut a big oval out of white, and a small pupil out of black. Those will be his eye. Cut out a long, semi- oval shape out of black for his mouth. Fold a long strip of white and cut small teeth ridges out of it. These will be his teeth and mouth.
  5. Attach Mike Wazowski’s face to the green shirt
    Depending on how permanent you want this to be, pin, sew, or hot glue his facial features on.

And now you’re done! Yaaaaay!

Who’s your favourite character in Monster’s Inc?

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