Free Warframe Kubrodon Plushie Pattern

One of my recent favourite games to play is Warframe. I’m not usually into sci-fi looking games, but the variety of gameplay and literally endless content was what got me hooked. They then released Fortuna, their second ‘open world’, and out came the floofs! I instantly fell in love with the Kubrodon floof and decided I had to have one in real life, so I DIY-ed it. 

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I tweeted the plushie our gaming channel Twitter and got an overwhelming positive response from everyone. Surprisingly, a lot of people also wanted floofs in real life! 

It was even tweeted by Warframe themselves! Definitely a very exciting moment!

I was asked by a handful of people if I was selling the Kubrodon plushies, and quite frankly, I don’t feel like my sewing expertise is high enough to do such a thing. So instead, I decided to release the Kubrodon pattern I made.

I had to redraw the pattern, make it more symmetrical, and make some adjustments before posting it because I didn’t want anyone to waste their time and materials on something that wasn’t ‘perfect’. The previous 2 Kubrodon plushies I had made were from a hand-sketched pattern with my chicken-scratch-looking writing, so that was definitely not an option. The pattern was fixed up in Photoshop with instructions, reference pictures, and tips to make your own little Kubrodon plushie. And then finally, I made a third Kubrodon to be 100% sure the pattern pieces fit together well, so rest assured! Although I am not a professional plushie maker, nor seamstress, I did test the pattern out before releasing it to the world! 

If you’d like to also make a Kubrodon plushie, the download link is down below.

Download Now

This pattern is free, so please don’t use it for commercial purposes. However, if you’d like to show your appreciation, an option is to donate.

I’d really appreciate it! All funds will go towards buying materials and equipment. Next up on the list is Warframe Bolarola floofs. :)

Also, since I’m new to pattern making, if you find anything confusing or have any tips, please let me know either by commenting down below or messaging me on any of my social medias!

If you’re curious to see how the first Kubrodon draft came out and was crafted, here’s a video:

What’s your favourite Warframe floof? What do you want to see next?

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