Free Warframe Bolarola Floof Plushie Pattern

We all know I enjoy playing games. When I really like a game and enjoy the aesthetics of it, I can’t help but craft things in real life inspired by in game graphics. If I really love what’s on my screen and it makes me happy to log in, I want to translate that happiness to real life in any way I can. Following up from my Warframe Kubrodon and Vindictus Gnoll plushies, I decided to finally release the patterns for my Warframe Bolarola floof plushie.

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Warframe DIY floof plushie together.

I’ve been wanting to DIY the Warframe Bolarola floof for quite some time. This project was supposed to be finished within a week or two of the Warframe Kubrodon plushie. The thing that made me stop halfway was how daunting the idea of trying to keep the stitching as close to the in-game floof as possible while keeping the structural integrity of the plushie. Particularly, getting the foot-ball like shape without adding too many visible stitches that didn’t belong on the Warframe Bolarola. It really frustrated me, so I had to put down the project for quite some time until I felt more confident.

Now, I know, graphics in game don’t always translate to real life, so trying to replicate things exactly how they seem on-screen, to a 3D form is not a simple task. However, I just don’t feel satisfied unless I know I tried my best to bring something I love to life, as similarly as possible. Of course, there are some variations, but overall, I’d say I did a pretty good job considering I’m still very new at plushie and pattern making. Let me know what you think!

Bolarola floof plushie close up.
Bolarola floof plushie side view.
Bolarola floof plushie front view.
Warframe Bolarola Floof plushie bottom view
Warframe Bolarola Floof plushie top view

If you’d like to also make a Kubrodon plushie, the download link is down below.

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