Dungeons of Sundaria: Wizard Set Bonuses

Dungeons of Sundaria is a co-op dungeon crawler and looter game. You start off by choosing between different classes: Champion, Ranger, Cleric, Wizard, and Rogue. However, as you level, you may find yourself picking up gear with special set bonuses. Unlike many other games, the gear set bonuses are not only intended to help increase your character stats, but they also offer different playstyles based around specific skillsets.

What is a Wizard?

A Wizard in Dungeons of Sundaria is a magic-user class based around using a combination of swords, staves, wands, and orbs. The damage is centered around the void and fire element abilities. Their arsenal contains a mix of skills: area of effects (AOEs), and single target attacks. Although Wizard is one of the squishiest classes wearing cloth armor, it is also one of the highest damage dealers. This class style is very high-risk, high-reward.

How do you get the set bonus items in Dungeons of Sundaria?

In game, there are currently two main ways to get your hands on the Wizard set bonus:

  1. Farm Destruction fragments to buy the Elite recipes from the blacksmith and craft each piece.
  2. Farm bosses that have a higher chance to farm specific parts of each set.

What are Wizard Set Bonus Effects?

Wizards in Dungeons of Sundaria currently have two different equipment set bonuses. One for weapons and another for armor. The armor will always be cloth and depending on what Wizard set bonus you equip, you will get unlock special augments for skills.

As more dungeons get unlocked, Wizard set bonus items will be introduced. Developer Trup from Discord states, “Right now we intend to offer build diversity through set bonuses.”. As a result, it’s speculated that future sets will offer vastly different playstyles.

Dungeons of Sundaria Wizard set bonus effects and stats for the Charred Walker and Vestments of Destruction.

Wizard Weapon Set Bonus: The Charred Walker (2/2)

  • (2) Using Cone of Fire after cashing Ember Lance will generate 1 Ember Lance per second while channeling up to your maximum.

Wizard Armor Set Bonus: Vestments of Destruction (6/6)

  • (2) Reduces the cooldown on Flame Blast by 3 seconds
  • (3) Flame Blast has a 30% chance to reset the cooldown of Meteor
  • (4) Increases the damage of Flame Blast and Meteor by 40%
  • (5) Cast a free Flame Blast after channeling Cone of Fire for at least 1 second
  • (6) Meteor creates two meteors 3 meters apart

What does the Wizard Set Bonus outfit look like?

The Wizard set bonus outfit has a heavy emphasis on cloth materials. There are a variety of different adornments and patterns throughout from the hood to the shoes.

Dungeons of Sundaria Wizard set bonus outfit.

List of Dungeons of Sundaria Set Bonuses

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