Guide to Defeating RAFT Enemies with GIFs!

RAFT by Redbeet Interactive is a survival game where you float on a wooden raft and must face the many threats that approach you. On easy or peaceful mode, they typically won’t be too much of a problem. However, on normal and hard mode, attention to the enemies will be needed because face tanking won’t be a viable option anymore. Paying attention to attack patterns will be important for maximum efficiency when it comes to defeating RAFT enemies.

Weapon Choices

There are many different weapons you can use, but how much damage they deal to the RAFT enemies can differ. Hyslyne from the RAFT Steam community made a very detailed chart with how many hit it takes per weapon on hard mode. Ideally you’ll want either a machete, bow and metal arrows, or a metal spear.

The machete does deal more damage than the metal spear, but it also has a slower attack speed. So which weapon you choose to use for melee depends on your play style, the situation, and what materials you have in abundance. This also applies to using stone or metal arrows with your bow(i.e. I use stone arrows because my terrible aim doesn’t justify using materials for better arrows).

RAFT Enemies

All RAFT enemies generally behave the same in normal and hard mode. They have the same attack patterns. However, the main noticeable change is for Bruce the shark, who is substantially faster in hard mode.

Bruce gif

Bruce the shark

I recommend the host of the world to be the one to be bait when fighting Bruce whenever you need him to be killed. It’s difficult to fight him without being bitten due to latency if you’re not host. Otherwise, the hardmode method works well too.

Normal Mode: The host of the world will click to hit Bruce in the mouth when his mouth opens up to bite the player. If fighting Bruce as a team, have the other players swim behind the host and hit Bruce as he gets close to the host. It is also possible to get 2-3 more hits in as he swims away after the initial bite depending if you have flippers to catch up to him or not.

Hard Mode: Generally, in the beginning, it’s not a good idea to attack Bruce because of the chance of spawning an extra shark, but Hyslyne mentions a good and safe method of fighting sharks if necessary. Instead of shark bait, you could also make the host of the world be bait and have them hop out of the water and onto the RAFT as they see Bruce getting ready to attack.

Drop a shark bait just next to your raft, which allows you to attack the sharks when they come for the bait without having to go in the water. Since they won’t have time to actually chew on the bait (when they get hit they leave and come back), you’ll have more than enough time to kill them without having to use another shark bait.

– Hyslyne
RAFT sniper tower set up.

Or alternatively, you could just build a sniper tower on your raft and take shots at Bruce whenever you’re bored.

Raft enemies: screecher
Screecher grabbing the rock
Shooting the opening and then running to dodge the rock drop


If you’re experienced with using a bow and arrow, out of all the RAFT enemies, this will be one of the easier ones to defeat.

Get to the highest point of the island possible for the best vantage. It will also make it easier for you to keep track of where it is flying. The Screecher will fly around briefly and then dive down to grab a rock. It takes a few seconds to grab the rock. If you’re close by, you can run and melee. Otherwise, it’ll be a great test of your bow abilities if you can hit it from from away. If you’re limited on arrows, I’d recommend skipping trying to hit the bird at this moment because it can be difficult.

Once the Screecher grabs the rock, it will swoop up to the player it is aggro’d on. As it flies up, it makes many openings to get multiple shots in. Just remember to run away after it flies above the player to dodge the rock drop from the bird.

RAFT enemies: Warthog


It’s best to fight in a location with relatively flat ground and if possible, in slightly narrow quarters. If it’s a very open area, the Warthog may charge very far and out of the player’s reach.

When aggro’d the Warthog will charge towards the player. Sidestep to the left or right in a circular formation to avoid the charge. When the Warthog stops, it’s an easy opening to get a hit in. Then back off and begin rotating again when it begins the charge animation.

Poison Puffer Fish

Although a relatively easy and straight forward fight, this is one of the more devastating RAFT enemies to have sneak up on you.

I’d highly recommend you use a bow and arrow to fight these Puffer Fish because if they get too close to you, they will explode and poison you. Simply shoot the fish, swim back or to the side to create distance, and continue the pattern. If possible, equip flippers and an oxygen mask to make it easier to manoeuvre under water and avoid having to take a breath above water in the middle of battle.


These rats are currently exclusively found in the cruise ship during story. To fight them, it is very similar to the Warthog method of walking back and side stepping in a circular direction. The opening to attack the Lurker presents itself when it leaps towards you.

RAFT enemies: Bear


Not to be confused by Mama Bear (unkillable), this is one of the newer RAFT enemies.

Hit the bear, then sprint or walk backwards a short distance until the bear does it’s attack. Then sprint forward, hit it, and continue the pattern. Be sure not to sprint too far, or it will charge towards you.

Out of all the RAFT enemies, which one is your favorite?