4 DIY Cheap Dollar Store Party Photo Booth Backdrops

Holiday or not, every good party needs aesthetic walls or backdrops for a photo booth section. Having a fun night calls for making sure everyone remembers it, especially if there will be some drinks being passed around. I typically don’t drink much, but I do appreciate good party decor and we all know I love DIYing it. Parties and backdrops aren’t cheap, but when you make it yourself, it can be. In fact, it can be $1-5 to make a quality looking one. Here’s 4 variations of backdrops I made for parties.

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If you’re more of a video instruction type of person, I do have a video I posted on my youtube channel here or down below:

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But, if you like reading, I will provide some instructions down below as well to make these backdrops.

Obviously, these don’t have to be followed to-a-tee. I made them gold, white, and black themed because when I filmed this, it was around the new 2018 year. Feel free to play with different colours and materials. This is all just inspo for you! In fact, if you’re like me, just take a trip down to the dollar store and see what they have. Come up with something new! That’s what I did. I spent about half an hour perusing the aisles to see what they had to work with. Even Pinterest offers great help as well. Have fun with it, because I did.

Streamers Backdrop

I really like these types of backdrops because it’s simple to make and very elegant looking. I originally planned on using paper streamers, but they didn’t have the colours I wanted at the dollar store. Instead, I found shiny ribbons, which worked out just as well! If you have more of a budget, I’d recommend layering the streamers with a few inches apart so people can use them as props. For example, people can take photos going through the streamers or throw them in the air. I love how playful this is!


  1. Find thin streamers or ribbons of your selection and cut them into strips of your desired length. I used an arms width for a half body backdrop
  2. Tape the streamers or ribbons onto a thick piece of tape. Feel free to add space between each ribbon
  3. Tape over or fold over the exposed sticky side of the tape so it is no longer sticky
  4. Attach to wall using hooks or masking tape

Painted Strokes Backdrop

This is inspired by many of the painted cakes that were trending in 2017. The cakes would have chocolate paintbrush strokes sticking out of them. I wanted to mimic that look with this backdrop.


  1. Spread a large shower curtain or plastic table cloth over work surface
  2. Dip a wide paintbrush into desired paint colour and saturate
  3. Dab brush to create a small pile of paint and then flick brush in any direction
  4. Continue until satisfied with pattern

Futuristic Foil Backdrop

Literally, anyone can make this because it’s only made out of tape and aluminum foil. This is definitely the cheapest and easiest of the backdrops featured. 


  1. Rip out sheets of aluminum foil in any length or shape
  2. Lightly crumple aluminum foil
  3. Tape onto wall or plastic sheet with double sided tape or have tape looped to create a double-sided adhesive effect

Paint Splatter Backdrop

This is a personal favourite because I always loved how gold can make most things look elegant, even if it’s splattered and messy looking. I always enjoyed the look of splattered gold paint, so I figured if it was made into a photo booth backdrop, it’d look great!


  1. Spread plastic sheet or shower curtain out on work surface
  2. Saturate paintbrush in gold paint
  3. Use finger to flick paint onto the backdrop. You may also use your wrist to flick as well for a more abstract look
  4. Let dry and attach to wall

Hopefully you guys enjoyed these backdrops as much as I did!

Which backdrop was your favourite?

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