8 Free Indie Games on Steam Perfect for Couples

Games can be expensive. For good reason: it may be because a lot of developers and staff worked on it, it took years to create, or has years of gameplay in it. However, if you’re tight on a budget or are just looking for silly free indie games on Steam to play with your significant other or friends, here’s the perfect list of games to try.

These are all games that my spouse and I have personally tried an enjoyed playing. We have tried a large variety of free indie games, MMOs, and even cheap games. They may not be for everyone, but they’re all long distance relationship friendly with Steam’s Remote Play and provide a decent amount of gameplay.

1. Totally Reliable Delivery Service

Usually when a game has a ton of ‘Very Positive’ ratings for recent and all around reviews, it’s a good game. In this instance, the free indie game Totally Reliable Delivery Service does not disappoint.

If you like ragdoll and silly games with challenges, similarly to Human Fall Flat, but FREE, this is perfect. It’s great for when you don’t want to take anything too seriously or want to put your teamwork to the test against completely unrealistic but silly physics. This is also beginner-friendly because no matter what, it’ll always be a challenge and having things fly around everywhere is just a part of the game.

2. Beavers Be Damned

For some people like myself, playing platformer games by myself can be very frustrating: I’m just not good at them. However, when I get the chance to play them with my significant other, it really motivates me to try my best to complete challenges while having fun.

For Beavers Be Damned, it’s a very simple game with very few controls. However, it’s very well made where the very simple mechanics can still be challenging against couples. This free indie game also has a very cute aesthetic to it, appealing to different audiences. I mean- who doesn’t want to be a goofy and cute looking beaver?!

3. Eden Rising

The free indie game Eden Rising is hybrid of a tower defense and open world exploration game. This game can be played with up to 8 players online. That means your friends can join in to help fight against monsters!

Without the DLC content, this game should provide 4-6 hours of gameplay, depending on your gaming familiarity and skill level. However, if you do end up really enjoying this game, the host of the world can purchase the DLC, and everyone else can play in the DLC inclusive world without purchasing it as well. If you’re low on money, it’d be a great way to split the costs between friends so it only costs a few dollars each to play with each other for hours and days.

4. We Were Here

We Were Here is a great free indie game on steam because you can play it with your significant other online, making it perfect for long distance relationships.

The game tests your teamwork and understanding of how you and your special someone communicate. Both players start off in different parts of a map. One person will have the assets to solve the puzzles on the second player’s screen to escape the rooms and reach freedom. Verbal communication is vital to succeed. Hopefully when one person says “it looks like a slime with a long nose hanging on a ukelele bridge”, the other person will understand what to do.

5. Goblin Gearshop

If you really enjoy the game Overcooked, you’ll also enjoy Goblin Gearshop. It’s a similar game-style where players must work together to complete orders within a certain amount of time…Except it’s a free indie game!

For Goblin Gearshop, instead of cooking meals, you’ll be working together on different maps to create weapons to help aid the troops in war. You’ll be racing against how the battle is going. How the battle is going depends on how well you’re creating the weapons! That’s right- There are different ratings for the weapons you create based on how well you click certain inputs according to what’s needed on the screen and in order. Instead of treacherous environmental obstacles, you’ll be faced with the possibility of certain machines breaking or creating the wrong type of weapon because the direction of the battle shifted. It’s a similar game, but also unique enough to give it a try.

6. Cantrip Cafe

This free indie game isn’t perfect, but it’s made well enough where you can kill an hour or two of time when you’re bored.

Cantrip Cafe is a game where you not only have to serve customers, similarly to a simplified version of Overcooked, but also defend yourself and customers from monsters with various spells you can customize and level up. With some opponents like werewolves, you must also be careful not to kill them, or it’ll dock points off. Instead, you must knock them out in certain intervals to prevent them from reaching the innocent!

7. Iron Snout

If your significant other is a complete beginner to games, a free indie game to consider is Iron Snout. In this game, it’s a 2D hack and slash, where your only controls are jump, hit, kick, and duck. Some combinations of inputs will allow you to grab and throw, but other than that, that’s all there is to it. With those inputs, you’ll have to fight off wolves attacking you from all directions. In 2 player mode, you’re competing to see who can punch a ball to touch a button on the opponent’s side the fastest. It’s very simple and easy to understand for newbies.

8. Business Tour

The game Business Tour has mixed reviews, but mainly because of the P2W aspect. There are certain bonuses and power ups you can purchase with real currency to gain a competitive advantage against your opponent. However, if you’re just playing the game without any upgrades with your friends, it’s no problem. It becomes a very RNG but exciting game of screwing each other over. It’s similar to Monopoly, but in this case, you’re looking to take everyone’s money.

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