How to Fix: Xbox Controller Disconnecting from PC

Black and white Xbox controller with vaporwave lighting.

It’s a common issue for a wired Xbox controller disconnecting from a PC. You’d think this problem only affects wireless users, but even wire controllers aren’t immune to the issue. There are many ways to remedy the situation, and many times, the methods online will fail. However, there’s one solution that everyone looks over.

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Free Warframe Bolarola Floof Plushie Pattern

Warframe Bolarola Plushie.

We all know I enjoy playing games. When I really like a game and enjoy the aesthetics of it, I can’t help but craft things in real life inspired by in game graphics. If I really love what’s on my screen and it makes me happy to log in, I want to translate that happiness … Read more

DIY Vindictus Gnoll Chieftain Jr. Plushie

Vindictus Gnoll Chieftain close up.

Vindictus (마비노기 영웅전) is a Korean f2p MMO that I’ll never forget, because it’s the game that Daniel and I met in. If the game never existed, we wouldn’t happily be married today! It’s also the place where I met many amazing friends who are are still friends to this day (5 years later), even … Read more

Free Warframe Kubrodon Plushie Pattern

Kubrodon Floof plushie.

One of my recent favourite games to play is Warframe. I’m not usually into sci-fi looking games, but the variety of gameplay and literally endless content was what got me hooked. They then released Fortuna, their second ‘open world’, and out came the floofs! I instantly fell in love with the Kubrodon floof and decided I had to have one in real life, so I DIY-ed it. 

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4 DIY Cheap Dollar Store Party Photo Booth Backdrops

Holiday or not, every good party needs aesthetic walls or backdrops for a photo booth section. Having a fun night calls for making sure everyone remembers it, especially if there will be some drinks being passed around. I typically don’t drink much, but I do appreciate good party decor and we all know I love DIYing it. Parties and backdrops aren’t cheap, but when you make it yourself, it can be. In fact, it can be $1-5 to make a quality looking one. Here’s 4 variations of backdrops I made for parties.

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Cheap and Easy DIY Party Decorations

I’m so excited to share with you guys these photos because I worked so hard on making my 23rd birthday celebration a beautiful and exciting little get together. Some may call it a party, some may not. I like quiet little gatherings because there’s more bonding and catching up time. As always, I like doings things on a budget. Ideally, if I were to buy all my decorations, it’d be really expensive. So, I looked to Pinterest, got some inspiration and make DIY Party Decorations for under $50 all together! 

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DIY Mermaid Toast Tutorial

The mermaid and unicorn trend have been taking the internet by storm. People have begun making mermaid themed things ranging from food to clothing. Something about the beautiful mix of colours and iridescent details brings these mermaid things to life. One of the more popular and new items that have been introduced is mermaid toast. There’s no surprise to why this one creation has caught so much attention, it’s so elegant and beautiful! So I decided I’m going to take the challenge and create mermaid toast!

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DIY Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen’s Wedding Dress Costume | Halloween

I am so excited to share this Hunger Games DIY with you. Because it’s Halloween season, I’m feeling all crafty! Of course, the one thing I’d choose to make it Katniss Everdeen‘s wedding dress from Catching Fire. Honestly, when she walked out with the dress, it was absolutely stunning. Something about how detailed, dainty, yet extravagant the wing details are with the elegant voluminous dress made me fall in love with it. 

Obviously, on my budget, I won’t be able to make Katniss’s full dress length, but I decided to go shorter to make it more practical. Unfortunately I don’t have any events to wear this to, but you can def expect me to wear it the first chance I get! I’m so so happy with the results!

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DIY Halloween Costume | Totoro (My Neighbour Totoro)

Totoro is a character from the movie “My Neighbour Totoro“. His character is so well known that I knew about him and who he is without ever watching the movie for years. Totoro is such a simple character: happy, lazy, sleepy, cute, and kind, making it no surprise he’s the favourite character of many! I knew I had to make a costume because he is so iconic, and who doesn’t want to be all cozy for Halloween in a giant sweater?! No uncomfortable, tight, or high maintenance problems here! Plus, if it’s cold where you live like it is in Canada, you’ll love this costume!

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DIY Halloween Costume | Mike Wazowski (Monsters University)

Mike Wazowski from Monster’s University is one of my favourite Pixar characters. Something about quirky and dorky characters just makes them so irresistible. Without a doubt, I decided to DIY a costume. Surprisingly, it’s easier than I thought it’d be to make. If you want to make it more Mike Wazowski like, you can stuff your belly with a pillow so you’re big and round like him! Make sure you watch the video for visual instructions!

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