A Complete 2 Day Salt Lake City Itinerary

The first thing people think of when they hear ‘Salt Lake City’ is ‘The Great Salt Lake‘. The lake is a great tourist and recreational place to explore because of how many different viewing points there are, but that’s not all there is to the city. If nature and hiking isn’t your thing, try out our 2 day Salt Lake City itinerary, where a full day is dedicated to exploring Salt Lake City.

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A Complete 1 Day Arizona Grand Canyon Itinerary

A Complete 1 Day Arizona Grand Canyon Itinerary Featured Image

A trip to the Arizona Grand Canyon is great to plan if you’re looking for breathtaking views and a dose of the past. The Canyon itself is a history book, showing layer by layer how long ago it has existed. Even the Vishnu Basement Rock layer has been around for 1840-1680 million years. The colorado river had even once filled the many crevices 5-6 millions years ago and at one point, people of the past called this place home. Luckily now, it is safe for us to visit and take a look at the past. If you’re limited on time, here’s my 1 day Arizona Grand Canyon Itinerary.

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How to Spend a Typical Instagram Day in LA

When you think of influencers and Instagrammers, the first thing you think of is California or LA. It’s typically the place where many successful entrepreneurs live and post on their social media. I took a trip to Los Angeles to see if it really matched up to the pictures and lifestyle portrayed online. Here’s where I visited to simulate a typical Instagram day in LA.

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A Complete 2 Day Rome Itinerary + Map!

2 Day Italy, Rome Itinerary Image of Basilica S. Pietro/ St Peter's Basilica

Travel isn’t cheap, and travelling for long periods just adds to the cost. To minimize the fees, we decided to visit Rome, Italy for only two days to see everything we wanted to see. Granted, if you stayed longer, you could fully immerse yourself more with the culture, food, and history, but 2 days is more than enough to explore major tourist and notable points. Here’s our 2 day Rome Itinerary that covers most major attractions.

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How to Get the Best View in Split, Croatia

Split, Croatia is a hot spot for tourists looking for beautiful crystal clear waters, sunny weather, and delicious local food. Sometimes, it can get overwhelming for a first-timer to see so many foreigners in one location. Especially around the docks where cruise ships like mine let passengers off, it can get pretty hectic. So here’s how you can get the best view in Split, Croatia from above without being pushed around or brushing against other sweaty tourists.

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