RAFT Hard Mode Survival Guide

RAFT island landscape image.

To make the game playable by people of all skill levels and interests, RAFT has released 5 modes: creative, peaceful, easy, normal, and hard. This way, whether you like to focus on building, fighting RAFT enemies or surviving more, you’ll always find a happy medium. In particular, one mode that takes a little more effort to play is RAFT hard mode.

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Guide to Defeating RAFT Enemies with GIFs!

RAFT Screecher enemy attacking with a rock.

RAFT by Redbeet Interactive is a survival game where you float on a wooden raft and must face the many threats that approach you. On easy or peaceful mode, they typically won’t be too much of a problem. However, on normal and hard mode, attention to the enemies will be needed because face tanking won’t be a viable option anymore. Paying attention to attack patterns will be important for maximum efficiency when it comes to defeating RAFT enemies.

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Complete Crockpot RAFT Recipes Guide 2022 Updated

RAFT crockpot catfish stew dish in hand.

One of the major needs in the game RAFT is satisfying your hunger and thirst. In hard mode, it’s much more intense and involves spending more time preparing food. One of the most effective ways of getting sustenance is converting raw materials into crockpot meals. However, when playing the game, you don’t know what the RAFT recipes are until you find them in crates, barrels, or experimenting with your ingredients.

With the many content updates Redbeet Interactive provides for the game to keep it balanced, it’s hard to find an updated recipe list. So I’ve compiled them all and will continue to update the list as content is added.

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