How to Fix: Xbox Controller Disconnecting from PC

It’s a common issue for a wired Xbox controller disconnecting from a PC. You’d think this problem only affects wireless users, but even wire controllers aren’t immune to the issue. There are many ways to remedy the situation, and many times, the methods online will fail. However, there’s one solution that everyone looks over.

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Before getting into the details, this post is assuming you’ve tried these commonly found solutions on google for stopping a Xbox controller disconnecting from a PC:

Solutions To Xbox Controller Disconnecting From PC

After experimenting with multiple controllers and solutions to find two that were simple, obvious, and worked.

Tying Up The Wire

The root of the problem is the original Xbox controller wire being too heavy and long. It weighs down the wire and causes strain on the connection. It is unknown why even though this is the problem, wireless mode still disconnects. It may be due to wireless having less of a connection overall compared to having the controller directly connected to the PC.

Xbox Controller Disconnecting from PC solution: zip tying the cord
Close up of Zip tied cord

As a result, an easy and quick solution is to tie up the wire in a loop near the controller connection to help prop it up. Although this is a quick solution, it isn’t effective and permanent because from time to time, the xBox controller disconnecting will relapse, but at a much lower frequency. Thus, another solution is needed.

Buying a New Micro USB Wire

If you already have an Android phone that uses the same outlet, that wire works well too. Look for one that is lightweight, long enough, and is of decent quality.

The original Xbox controller wire has an extra braided protective layer, causing it to be heavy. Although it is more durable, it also happens to be counterproductive.

Xbox Controller Disconnecting from PC solution 2: changing to a lighter weighing cable

We used one of our extra Android phone wires that a friend got us and now the problem of the Xbox controller disconnecting from our PC is solved!

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