The Best Discord Bots To Help Improve Your Server

Discord is a popular group-chat program available on many platforms from PC to mobile. The app was originally created as a way for gamers to communicate with each other without the PC strain that was present in other VOIP programs. Now, it is a widely used app that is used by people of all ages around the world who share common interests, not limited to gaming. With such large communities, it’s essential to find the best Discord bots to use to keep things organized.

There are numerous bots you can invite into your server to complete specific tasks. There are even fun Discord bots that offer games and competitions against other servers. You even have the option to make a custom Discord bot. However, we’re going to be highlighting the best Discord bots to keep your server organized and aesthetically pleasing.

Best Discord Bots For Organization
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This is a general purpose Discord Bot with numerous features created by Jonas747. Some features: quick post feeds from Reddit and Youtube, self assignable roles, auto moderators, dynamic auto responses, server stats, and cat facts. You can find the full list of features on the website.

The most notable feature by is the assignable roles function. Assignable roles are great for servers because it allows people to unlock specific content and channels to receive pings. It also enables people to custom choose colors for themselves. There and many uses for roles.

There are other bots that also offer the same feature, but I find that this bot makes it the easiest to create role groups quickly because it can be created and organized in your browser rather than completely through text commands on Discord. You also have the option of creating your own lists for the role assignments.

Logo by Mee6


It’s no question why Mee6 is on the list of best Discord bots. Many official game communities use it. The bot offers many of the same features as, but with more. However unlike the previous bot, it does cost money to use the features. There is a lifetime and subscription rate available. The reason to use Mee6 over is for the additional features the bot offers. For example: music with visual interfaces, a level and XP system, and a guess the song name games. Having Mee6 would eliminate the need for additional bots for other features.

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Rhythm is a simple to use, free music bot with customizable commands. There are many music bots to choose from and bots that already have music as a feature, but Rhythm is on the best Discord bots list because of the reliable and quick response times. Some abilities Rhythm has: playing music, searching for specific songs, creating playlists, looking up lyrics, preventing duplicate songs, default volume controls, and more.

Other popular music bots to try: Chip, Groovy, and Octave

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If you don’t have a bot with an existing leveling and xp feature, Arcane is one of the best Discord bots for keeping track of how active the server members are in the channels and voice chats. It also offers a leaderboard and role rewards. This is great if you’re looking to entice people into keep the server active and always buzzing. If you’d like to unlock additional features, Arcane offers subscription packages with reaction roles, logging, additional customizations, and more.

Game Specific Bots

Finally, a must for gamers, is having bots created specifically for games like Genesis and Dwemer Automation. Depending on the game, these bots will have useful features that ease gaming. For example, Genesis has live day and night cycles for Warframe in the status. Meanwhile, Dwemer Automation posts pledge and vendor updates from Elder Scrolls Online. If a lot of people in your server play a specific game, it’s worth taking the extra time to see if a Discord bot for it was created.

There are numerous other bots that have been created by talented individuals. These are the best Discord bots that I’ve encountered and personally use for my Discord servers. If you’d like the keep the number of bots small, I’d recommend looking for multi-purpose bots rather than bots that specialize in a few core features.

What are your favorite Discord bots?

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The Best Discord Bots To Improve Your Server