What is an ‘Oopsie’ B-Grade Keycap?

Handmade or manufactured products like keycaps are often graded based on quality. The grade range depends on each individual creator or brand. Grades help business owners keep track of how products should be priced according to defect severity.

You can purchase a surprise B-grade keycap from Stay Happy Games for a significantly lower price than regular keycaps as an add-on with any keycap on the order form. The surprise keycap can be any keycap design that is available in the design library that is not custom-made. Requests can be made, but may not be honored due to availability.

What does a B-grade product mean for keycaps?

Specifically, for Stay Happy Games, an “oopsie” B-grade keycap retains all functional elements, but visually, may have some minor defects that can be seen close-up. They may also be first edition prototypes that were used to test new techniques and styles. However, they are not major defects that are seen at first glance. Some examples:

  • Small dust particle in resin
  • Large resin bubble
  • Minor polymer clay cracks
  • Some overly smoothed out elements
  • Some uneven elements
  • Some distorted shapes

Examples of B-Grade Keycaps

These are just examples and not guaranteed to be in stock as one of the surprise selections as order add-ons.

B grade keycap with crack in polymer clay.
B grade keycap with technique testing.
B grade keycap with crack in polymer clay.
B grade keycap prototype.
B grade keycap with uneven shape sizes.

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