7 HIDDEN places to take Instagram Photos in Toronto, Ontario

Anyone who lives in Ontario knows, the best places to take photos is either up north in more natural settings, or in the heart of Toronto. Toronto has many great photography spots all around the city. A little walking around, and you’ll have lots of photos snapped. However, what about the spots no one thinks to look? I lived in Vaughan, so I often took trips to the city and have familiarized myself with some hidden or neglected photography spots.

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1. Skywalk Exit to Toronto’s Marriott Hotel

The Toronto skywalk is a very popular place to take photos because it’s lined with windows, allowing plenty of lighting in. However, most people usually take the skywalk to get elsewhere like the Convention Center where many photography-heavy events are held like Anime North. It’s no secret that both the Convention Center and Skywalk are popular, but most people walk right by the most unique location, the entrance to the Mariott Hotel, right before the Convention Center exit. It has beautiful cool-toned geometric patterns and is extremely well lit for photos.

Glass-lined pathway in the Toronto Skywalk

2. Airport Shuttle Exit in the Skywalk

This can be a very busy location in Toronto during rush hours because of the flow of traffic getting from the subway to work, or even exams. It’s often a place overlooked because if you take this path often, you find yourself forgetting it exists because of how often you see it. If you’re into windows, bright lighting, and a clean, modern look, this is the place.

Commerce Court North bank building

3. Commerce Court North

It’s important to note that the Commerce Court has many different sections, just like many buildings and pathways in Toronto. To get to the exact location, you’ll want to make sure it is the North building. It’s one of the rooms inside a large glass-lined building. This portion is the bank, so if you want pictures, you’ll have to take them quickly, as to not disturb the usual business that goes on there. It is also only open during regular business hours.

Location: 25 King Street West

Outside Osgoode Hall, Toronto

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4. Osgoode Hall

You need a permit to take photos inside the building, but outside is free. Please note, many people may rent the inside and come outside for photos, so be mindful and allow them to finish taking photos first.

Other than that, this is a beautiful location with buildings that have a more historical feel to them, making it very different from the many modern buildings around Toronto. It’s a very popular location for wedding and graduation photos. Many people don’t notice when they walk by it because it’s gated and surround by plenty of trees, making it hard to peer in.

Location: 130 Queen Street West

Perfect look at the CN Tower in Toronto from the upper levels of the Terrence Donnelly Centre

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5. Upper Levels of The Terrence Donnelly Centre

This place is quite the hidden gem if you don’t attend the University of Toronto and have classes in here. This little corner is found in the upper levels of the building and is the perfect place to get a shot of not only nature, but the CN-tower. If I was a tourist, this would be one of the best places to get a photo in my opinion. Because this is a study and class center, please be sure to be respectful and not disturb others.

Location: 160 College Street

Mini bamboo forest area in the Terrence Donnelly Centre, Toronto

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6. Lower Levels of Terrence Donnelly Centre

On the lower level of the building, right when you walk in, you’ll find many bamboo trees. Nestled inside, there’s a few benches for you to either study, rest, or take photos on. Because of the way the building is built, you can even take over-head photos, peering through the leaves from the upper levels.

Location: 160 College Street

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7. Top Level of Kensington Market Parking

Located in one of Toronto’s busiest markets, there’s a parking building that leads upstairs to an overview of the area. It’s best characterized by the “Kensington” sign that many people see. Even if you can’t find the exact parking building, there are multiple located around the area for you to find your perfect skyline photo.

Where’s your secret Toronto photo spot?

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