Why You Need To Visit The Frasassi Caves in Ancona, Italy

If you’re looking to visit a location that’s not a hot-spot for tourists, Ancona, Italy is the place to go. Although it is not on many “to go” lists like Venice, the city still has a lot of the European culture integrated into it. There is the option of visiting wineries, vineyards, or just visiting town to see what the locals are up to. But the main place to look out for is the Frasassi Caves.

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The Frasassi Caves are a bit of a ride outside of town. It took us a about 2 hours to get there from where our cruise ship docked, going through the country side. However, although it is a long ride, it provided some scene views along the way.

View of railways in Ancona, Italy
Overview of Ancona, Italy
Scenic views on the way
Right outside of Frasassi Caves

The Frasassi Caves are one of the most famous in Italy. It is a large cavity with multiple chambers to walk through. Luckily this time, there won’t be much hiking. Booking a tour will be worth it because it takes quite a bit of time to walk through the spaces available to us to view. They also provide history about the Frasassi Caves, with the most shocking fact to me: it was found by students that were brave enough to venture in.

The most attention grabbing thing?- The stalactites and stalagmite formations. They range from extremely large to tiny bits. Together, they create very mystical and breathtaking artworks. Some even look like a witch’s head or polar bear, which explorers used as notable markings to help map out and find their way around the caves.

Beautiful stalactites and stalagmite formation in Frasassi Caves
Reflection of stalactites and stalagmites in Frasassi Caves
Many small stalactites on the ceiling of Frasassi Caves

I can’t promise beautiful Instagram photos unless you take small and private tours. You may have a chance if there are less people and rush, but it tends to be very dark and cramped inside. You’ll probably need to take some time to get the perfect shots of the inside of Frasassi caves. However, you really should be taking the time to enjoy the moment, and take in every detail as a mental screenshot and memory. It’s hard for photos to properly portray the beauty inside the Frasassi Caves.

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Frasassi Caves in Ancona, Italy Pinterest image