What a 5 Hour Drive to Lubbock, Texas is Like

During my one month stay in Texas, my boyfriend and I took a drive to Lubbock because he had to visit for school orientation. We stayed there for 2 days. I have to say though, Lubbock has nothing there but Texas Tech School. The school is gorgeous, stunning, and large, but every where else in the general area, meh. I don’t have too many pictures from Lubbock because we were simply too tired from the long 5 hour drive there. However, I did take some pictures of our drive there to pass the time.

Texas Travel Diary | Driving to Lubbock
Texas Travel Diary | Driving to Lubbock

On a side note, I’m not one to enjoy long car trips because I have a bladder the size of a tennis ball, so it wasn’t too pleasant of a trip. I was thirsty from not drinking water and had to constantly resist the urge to go to the washroom and limit it to once per drive there and back. The views was the only thing that kept me sane (beside my boyfriend as well) on the drive to Lubbock.
I honestly never thought I would like windmills so much because they’re so straight forward and plain. However, after driving by many fields and seeing them up close, they’re actually very therapeutic to look at and  stunning in a minimalistic way. Does anyone else feel that way when look at windmills?

The drive there was also interesting. We went from Frisco to Lubbock and there were many tiny towns that we drove through. They were very old-school looking, much like that I had imagined the Wild West of Texas to look like from cartoon stereotypes. The lifestyle seemed very simple and quiet. I think in one point of my life, I’d love to try living in one of those tiny towns to see what it’s like.

Where in Texas would you recommend me visiting next time?

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