16 Instagram Worthy Places in Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University is not only home to the Matador, but also a central location in Lubbock full of majestic and classy looking buildings. I’ve been living in an Apartment right beside Texas Tech for a few years now, so I know all the best and secret spots you’d never think to look on campus for the best photos.

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Please keep in mind visiting these places are all free, but if you decide to visit some of these places on campus, be mindful of any classes or meetings that may be going on in these locations. If the space is occupied, try going back another date or time slot to not disturb the students or staff. People are paying for education, after all!

Texas Tech Southwest Collection/ Special Collections Library

1. Southwest Collection/ Special Collections Library

This is a tiny building at Texas Tech that looks very average on the outside, but once you walk in, it’s beautiful, clean, air conditioned, and very classy looking. It also reminds me of a very open banquet hall. The ceiling and walls are all lined with large windows, so getting natural light will be easy in here.

Texas Tech Southwest Collection/ Special Collections Library window nook

2. Southwest Collection/ Special Collections Library Nooks

Aside from the main entrance of the Special Collections Library, there are also many window nooks that line the hallways. If you’re looking for a silhouette photo or even to rest your feet, this is a relaxing and peaceful place to be considering how empty is usually is.

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3. Rawls College of Business Building Exterior

The Rawls College of Business building at Texas Tech is one of the newer buildings that was built in 2011. Not only is the outside aesthetically pleasing, but if you get a chance, check out the inside as well. This building is lined with windows, giving optimal lighting everywhere during the day. It’s also surrounding by sculptures on the front and back of the building, so if you’re interested in that, there’s quite a few to look at.

My favourite part of the building is the seating area right outside the front entrance. It has plenty of coloured parasols that make it a great place for Instagram photos from all angles and zooms. Plus, when you’re done taking photos or need props, you can walk inside the building to have a snack or drink at the Einstein Bros. Bagel Store.

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4. Rawls College of Business Lower Level

The business building upper levels are nice looking at Texas Tech with a very modern feel, but they definitely didn’t neglect ensuring the lower levels would be equally as aesthetically pleasing. There are stairs on each side of the main entrance going down to the lower level. The stairs are white and lined with many leaves and vines. If you’re looking for an easy, saturated, green background that doesn’t look like you’re just in a park or jungle, this is the place to be! You can even prop yourself up on the rectangular structures beside the staircases to make it look like you’re sitting really high up.

5. Horticulture Gardens and Greenhouse Complex

Blossoming green plants and flowers aren’t very common walking around Texas Tech or Texas in general unless it rains a lot. However, if that’s the look you want, it’s always available at the Horticulture Building. The website insists that you make an appointment if you want to take photos because they hold classes at the building and you wouldn’t want to walk in and interrupt. Make sure you e-mail the staff before visiting!

Texas Tech Arthur M. Elliot Conservatory

6. Arthur M. Elliot Conservatory

Alternatively if setting up and appointment isn’t your thing and you can get creative with your shots, this is another greenhouse building at Texas Tech. There are less aisles of plants and trees you can roam around in, but there is still a lot of greenery in one location. Take note that the picture is the entrance, a bit far from the classes, so you’re less likely to interrupt anyone or accidentally walk in on a session, but make sure to still be courteous and avoid taking photos if you notice a class taking place.

Texas Tech English and Philosophy Building Glass Bridge

7. English and Philosophy Building Glass Bridge

There are a lot of arches in Texas Tech, but there aren’t a lot that have a stunning glass bridge. The English building has entrances just under the bridge that lead up if you’d like to walk across and admire the campus from above. The sun shining through the windows provides fantastic lighting inside the structure, so taking photos inside and outside will have great results.

Texas tech English and Philosophy Building Stairs

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8. English and Philosophy Building Stairs

This is my favourite part of the English Building. The stairs, flowers, and general design of the side of the building looks super majestic and castle-like. There are multiple angles you can take Instagram photos here.

Even if you’re not huge on Instagram or photo taking, it’s a great place to relax and enjoy the view because at the top of the stairs, it overseas a wide field of grass with an artistic structure in the middle.

Texas tech Administration Building Exterior

9. Administration Building Exterior

Like many of the buildings at Texas Tech, this building also has yellow bricks and a historical-looking feel to it. However, what makes me want to point this building out, is how much more detail is applied to the decor on the windows and doors. If you want to look like you’re on vacation in another country, snap some photos right outside the Administration Office!

Texas Tech Administration building staircase

10. Administration Building Staircase

A strange thing to mention, but the stairs in this building have a clean and hypnotizing look to it when you take photos from a birds-eye view. Not only that, but they remind me a lot of Santorini, Greece with the thick white railings. Depending on how you edit your photos from the staircase, you might just be able to fool some people into thinking you’re not at Texas Tech!

11. Library

Usually when you think of library photos, you think of a backdrop with aisles of books, but that’s not all there is to this library at Texas Tech. Right outside the entrance, there is a large seating area that’s in the form of a ‘C’ shape with different levels, mimicking bleachers. If you have a minimalist looking feed, this is a great place to go for photos that are plain, simple, but still have dimension to it.

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12. Goddard Range, Wildlife, and Fisheries Management Square

Just behind the Department of Natural Resources Management building, there lies a small square of land with plants, a rock lined path, seats, and beautifully designed rocks. This area is usually pretty empty from my experience, so taking lots of photos with minimal photo bombs is easy here.

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13. Jones AT&T Stadium

Like many schools in America, Texas Tech takes football seriously. Often, you’ll see the stadium occupied either by teams practicing, games, or setting up for events. Whenever you find it empty, I’d recommend visiting if your Instagram feed is yearning for more colour because the red seats will definitely catch everyone’s attention. Finding bright and vibrant coloured backdrops on campus isn’t easy, so definitely bring a few outfits to shoot if you need that pop of red.

Texas Tech Holden Hall staircase

14. Holden Hall Staircase

If you’re looking to appear luxurious, then the Holden Hall is the place to visit. Out of all the staircases I’ve walked and seen, these are by far the most fancy ones. Not only are they always clean, but they’re almost marbled looking and surrounded by windows, making them glisten even more.

Stairs are always a good choice for photos because it gives you more options for poses and angles, so take advantage and get creative!

Texas Tech Holden Hall Square study area

15. Holden Hall Square

If you walk out the doors on the other side of the stairs, you’ll find a little hidden square right inside the four corridors of Holden Hall. There’s a beautiful water fountain just sitting in the middle surrounded by plenty of seats and greenery. Bring a cup of coffee or tea and you’ll look like you nabbed the best study spot on Texas Tech campus.

Texas Tech Center for the Study of Addiction and Recovery Abstract Mural

16. Center for the Study of Addiction and Recovery Abstract Mural

If buildings and architecture isn’t your thing, try taking photos in front of the abstract mural here. It’s a fairly long mural, so you’ll have choices for what exactly you want to have in the background.

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All Around

All around campus, you’ll notice that the majority of the building exteriors have a few things in common: pillars, arches, warm tones, and detailed architectural elements. Just walking around for 5 minutes, you’ll notice the pattern instantly. So that means if you’re looking for a historical and Rome-looking backdrop, anywhere will do!

The campus of Texas Tech is huge, so if you’re planning on dropping by to explore, allot at least 1-2 hours of walking and try to explore in the mornings when the Texas heat isn’t so strong.

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