4 Days of Activities in Puerto Rico

Just last month, I took a trip with Daniel‘s parents to the tropical island of Puerto Rico. We went for a wedding, but were there a few days prior so we could enjoy the weather and explore. This was my first time there, so it was interesting to see how life was in Puerto Rico. 

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Day 1

The day we landed, we still had plenty of time before nightfall. We drove around the town of Old San Juan. The buildings had beautiful pastel colours, making it look lively and cheerful. There was even a section with green kites hung up, making it the perfect Instagram location. I believe they have changed the flags out for umbrellas, so if you’re looking for the same area, look for umbrellas above instead.

Because it was in the Old San Juan, Puerto Rico area, we also took a short walk up to Castillo San Felipe del Morro. Unfortunately, when we arrived, there was only about an hour before they closed, so we decided not to go in and explored around the fort instead.

old san juan Castillo San Felipe del Morro2
puerto rico san juan old town travel diary boats
san juan puerto rico travel diary drive town el morro
san juan puerto rico Castillo San Felipe del Morro

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It was extremely windy but refreshing because the weather there was often hot and humid. At this point, I understood why many of his family members mentioned taking multiple showers a day. You can’t avoid all the sweat!

Day 2

The second day was enjoying the Isla Verde Beach. It was a different look at Puerto Rico from Old San Juan the previous day. This beach was beautiful. The sands were soft, fine, and white (though, extremely hot on bare feet!). The weather was also bright and sunny, it was the perfect day to go to the beach. 

san juan puerto rico isla verde

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When you first step into beach waters, I feel like the initial reaction is flinching from the cold or approaching with much caution because of the temperature. However, with these crystal clear, blue waters, it was actually warm. I haven’t swam in ocean water that isn’t cold in years. Even Dubrovnik was chilly! It was super pleasant to be swimming around and enjoying the weather.

san juan puerto rico isla verde beach gopro travel diary
old san juan puerto rico isla verde beach couple

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We did try to take some half underwater photos with our GoPro Hero 5, but they didn’t turn out as we thought it would because we later learned that we needed a dome for it. But no worries, we now know and will be prepared for next time.
Dress: Gifted | Belt: Thrifted | Shoes: Target | Bathing suit: eBay

san juan puerto rico wedding travel diary
Day 3

The third day was the wedding day of Daniel‘s cousin. It was a beautiful wedding in Puerto Rico and I’m so happy for them! We spent the whole day getting ready and then the evening and night at the wedding.

Sorry for the less-than-normal quality photo. Neither Daniel or I wanted to carry around the DSLR or lenses all night during the wedding. It gets heavy over time!

Dress is from Tobi

Nails are by KISS

Daniel’s tie is from Cheap-neckties

Day 4

san juan puerto rico coqui
san juan puerto rico lizards

Throughout the trip, I’ve been told about the Coquí frogs that croak all through the night in Puerto Rico. I’ve heard the sounds constantly but never knew what the root of the sound looked like. We tried looking for the frogs the previous nights, but had no luck. They’re super tiny little critters that camouflage well in their environment. However tonight, was the night dedicated to find them.

It’s funny because we struggled so much the previous nights, but all of the sudden this one night, we found 3! It’s crazy how much noise and how loud they can croak for their size. As a bonus, we also found a few little lizards hiding amongst the bushes!

Overall, this trip was fun. I was glad to be able to have a chance to go there. Next time, I definitely want to visit places like Mosquito Bay, which I’ve heard is beautiful with plenty of bioluminescent organisms in the water at night. 

Photo credits: DanDanExplores & his parents

What other places would you recommend to explore in San Juan, Puerto Rico? Have you been there before?

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