Planning a Visit to the Horseshoe Bend Canyon

Whether you live in Arizona or not, this is definitely a place you need to stop by or add to your bucket list and Grand Canyon itinerary. It’s not a stop that takes consumes too much time and would easily fit within any schedule you have planned. The views are mesmerizing and no photos can truly capture the feeling you get when you look over the Colorado River. It’s a spot you shouldn’t forget to visit.

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Waters driving to the Horseshoe Bend Canyon
Horseshoe Bend Canyon
Horseshoe Bend Canyon 2
Rocks similar to Grand Canyon
Rock slates
Horseshoe Bend Canyon 3
Horseshoe Bend Canyon 4

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Horseshoe Bend Canyon is often referred to as “Horseshoe Bend” or “Horseshoe Canyon”. For simplicity, I am combining the two to be “Horseshoe Bend Canyon”.

This canyon has warm hued rocks with many layers, very similar to the ones you see at the Grand Canyon. However, it’s no coincidence because the Horseshoe Bend Canyon is one of the most popular curves of the Colorado River, which can too, also be seen from many angles at the Grand Canyon. The overlook itself is 4,200 feet above sea level, so you can get a wide view of the entire bend.

The trip and Daniel and I took to the Horseshoe Bend Canyon was worth the detour from our road trip to Salt Lake City. I found that although there were many people around, frantically trying to get over their fear of heights while taking photos, it was still very peaceful. Usually I don’t like crowded places, but watching the water flow as a juxtaposition with the very red, still rocks was enchanting. It definitely looked surreal and no photos could ever capture how amazing it is in person.

If you’d like to spend more time in the area, another option is to visit the Antelope Canyons close by.

Horseshoe Bend Canyon 5
Peering out
Storm brewing
Storm starting to make it’s way towards us

Horseshoe Bend Canyon Parking

Page, AZ 86040

As of April 13, 2019, there is now a $10 entrance fee for passenger vehicles to park at the parking closest to the Horseshoe Bend Canyon. For other vehicles, like commercial and motorcycles, there are different fees.

It’s important to note that there is limited parking, so if you cannot find a spot, you will have to return at another time. Luckily, they do offer shuttle tours if you’d prefer to reach the Horseshoe Bend Canyon that way.

Sitting on the edge

What to Bring

From the parking, there is a 1/2 mile hike to the actual bend. With the Arizona heat mixed with the physical activity, it’s important to bring some travel essentials for safety reasons.

  • Water bottles– Some parts are sandy, you’ll want to keep hydrated because walking on soft ground can be very stamina consuming
  • Hiking footwear– Some form of athletic footwear that’s close-toed. Not only do you need it to support your back as you walk, but the sand and floor is very hot, so you want to avoid having bare feet
  • Sun protection– Sunblock, hats, sunglasses. The sun can be very strong and having it burn your skin and eyes can be dangerous

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Perceptive photography
I’m actually sitting quite a few feet away from the edge, but we took the photo at an angle where I looked fairly close to the edge. It was still a very scary photo to take though, because of how high we were.
Daniel photographing the Horseshoe Bend Canyon

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An Important Thing to Remember

Yes, the Horseshoe Bend Canyon is beautiful, and you probably want beautiful pictures for your social media like Instagram or Facebook, but remember, it is a far drop down. Be careful and be smart about taking photos. No photo is worth the cost of your life.

Avoid getting too close to the edges. Even I and many other tourists got spooked even being a meter and a half from the edges taking photos. Get creative with photo angles to make it look like you’re close to the edge, but don’t actually go that far.

Where is the most mesmerizing place you’ve travelled to?

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