Where to Stay for the Grand Canyon: Williams, Arizona

A hotspot in everyone’s travel list is the Grand Canyon. It’s a great place with beautiful views and easy hikes, making it perfect for everyone! However, because it’s such a popular location to visit, trying to find a hotel to sleep at can be difficult. Most lodges within the Grand Canyon are extremely expensive and very booked up. Luckily, I found out where to stay for the Grand Canyon: Williams, Arizona.

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Distance from Grand Canyon to Williams

When Daniel and I travelled to Arizona, we had a short 2 day stay, enough time to visit and complete our 1 day Grand Canyon itinerary, rest, and visit the town Williams. After staying there, we fell in love with the location and knew we had made the right choice about where to sleep.

Why stay in Williams, Arizona?

Where to Stay for the Grand Canyon & Eat: Red Raven
Meal from Red Raven restaurant in Williams, Arizona
Where to Stay for the Grand Canyon: streets and boutiques

The Convenience

When thinking of where to stay for the Grand Canyon, you want two things: security and short commutes. There are a large selection of well known hotel chains within the city, so finding where to stay for the Grand Canyon is an easy task. We stayed at the Quality Inn, which was a 2 star hotel, but had all the amenities we wanted, breakfast, cleanliness, and was a great price. It was even within walking distance of many popular fast food chains, so if you get a craving late at night, it’d be easy to satisfy it.

As for the commute, it’s about an hour to an hour and a half driving to get to the Grand Canyon, depending on the traffic. For all the money you save, the drive time is worth it.

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Where to Stay for the Grand Canyon: Williams, Arizona: Vintage car

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Vintage Retro Aesthetics

Williams, Arizona is like a two-for-one for where to stay for the Grand Canyon. Not only are you able to see and visit the park, you’re also able to explore Williams when you get back. We often made sure we went back to eat a delicious dinner at the Red Raven restaurant to end our day on a good note.

The city has a very retro and vintage aesthetic to it. There are any museums and historical marks that have been there for years. You can get a look into the past while walking down the streets. It’s a great charm that the city has.


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Quirky Boutiques

If you’re looking for some quirky souvenirs or vintage clothing pieces, Williams has it all. Many of the family run boutiques carry random things like candied bugs, souvenir license plates, and even cactus candies. You’re bound to find something that will make you say “what? this is a thing?”.

If you’re looking for here to stay for the Grand Canyon, I’d highly recommend looking into booking a hotel in Williams, Arizona.

Where’s the best city you’ve ever stayed in?

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